Somgmics White Vanity Case


Do you lose random pieces of makeup often? Somgmics Vanity case is the perfect makeup vanity case for you! 

The case has an amazing design and also has fan-shaped metal corners to help protect your valuables from any damage. It has a multi-layer design that helps you organise your makeup stash! It also has a lock to keep your makeup supplies private and protected.



- Overall: 36 x 24 x 24 cm 
- Inner box: 33 x 10 x 3 cm (W x D x H) 
- Bottom box: 34 x 20.5 x 11 cm 
- Weight: 3 kg

Shipping Lists: 
- 1 x Cosmetic Case 
- 2 x Keys 
- 1 x Strip

If you have any questions please email support for assistance. 


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