About us

My name is Kim and I'm the owner of Makeupfix Cosmetics. I have always loved makeup ever since I was a child. I have done multiple courses and I have learnt everything I need to know about makeup. I am a professional makeup artist and work with a wide range of clients. Whilst I love being a makeup artist, my dream has always been to create my own makeup range, this website is the first steps for that!

Makeupfix takes pride in being able to offer a wide range of makeup products to all of our customers across the UK. Our passion is to provide the highest quality of products at the cheapest price possible and to make the whole process as easy as possible.

We are always expanding our makeup brand, so keep an eye out for amazing new products!

I hope you enjoy them just like we and our customers do!

I appreciate you take the time to read this page, if you have any questions please contact us here.